Huawei FusionHome solar inverters

When we first put up this website in Oct 2017, the FusionHome inverter range was still months away from first release. The purpose of this site was to draw attention to the new product, and to that end it has been quite successful where Huawei themselves until very recently had done next to nothing to introduce their product to the Australian public or retailers. Almost every inquiry this website has received was from other solar retailers asking for information about where they can purchase the product from and we are happy to re-direct them to That’s a good thing, because the more retailers that take on this excellent product, try it out and start promoting it, the better.

As the primary purpose of the site has been achieved (exposure) we are now getting this site modified to incorporate a Q&A blog where people can ask specific Huawei FusionHome related questions. Should be ready by the end of May. Meanwhile…below is a quick summary of the product.

About Huawei
Huawei are the World No.1 commercial 3 phase solar inverter manufacturer ahead of SMA and Sungrow.
The World No.2 smartphone manufacturer behind Samsung.
Over 30% of the Worlds phone and internet connections are made over Huawei switching equipment.
Reliability and innovation are the core of Huawei’s growth and success.

The three most common requirements for a home solar inverter are:
Battery Ready
Ability to combat shade on solar panels
Ultra reliable with a very long warranty

The Huawei FusionHome inverter range are all hybrid inverters, meaning that they already include the battery charge/discharge hardware and management software for connecting battery storage to LG Chem high voltage RESU 7 and 10. (No other battery support is available at this time). The inverter currently has no ’emergency circuit’ capability although it is reportedly under development as is a 3 phase hybrid range. What that means is that you can’t use the battery during a power cut (yet).

If some, or all of your solar panels will receive some shade, then connect Huawei FusionHome DC optimisers where required. The optimisers convert a string of panels connected in series, whose total output is determined by the worst performing panel, into a situation where every panel operates independently of each other. As well as combating shade and boosting output significantly, you are also no longer limited to installing panels on just two roof orientations, and with the Huawei smart safety box you can de-energise all the optimised panels instantly as well  report on how each optimised panel is performing.

Anyone who is involved in the Telecoms industry knows that Huawei make the most reliable equipment.
The Huawei FusionHome inverter has a 10 year product warranty plus a 5 year labour warranty.

Highlights of the main Huawei FusionHome features:
Battery storage interface already built-in. Just connect batteries when ready.
Put inexpensive DC optimisers on as many or as few panels as you need to combat shade.
The 5kW model is 98.6% efficient in converting DC panel power to AC.
10 year Huawei product warranty
Very small, stylish and light. Just 37.5cm x 37.5cm and 10kg in weight.
Detailed WIFI reporting to smartphone or browser

Huawei FusionHome 2kW, 3kW, 4kW, 4.6kW and 5kW single phase models.


About Huawei

Pronounced WAH WAY, employ more than 70,000 people in R&D alone. They make more smartphones than Apple, more than a 3rd of the World population connects to the internet using Huawei telecommunications exchange and switching equipment, and they are the largest solar inverter manufacturer in the World.

Questions and quotes?

If you are a solar retailer in Australia looking for information about where to purchase Huawei FusionHome please contact Huawei direct on If you have any product or installation related questions please read the Datasheets section for now until such time as we create a Q&A section. If you want a quote for a solar installation incorporating a Huawei FusionHome solar inverter please use the Contact form below or contact us directly via